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Condemnation of the Morales/Snowden Case

  • 05 Jul 13

evo morales snowden-480x300The Secretary General of the Unrepresented United Nations (UUN), Dr. Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb condemns France, Spain and Portugal for closing their air space July 3, thereby impeding the passage of President Evo Morales’ plane.
The President of a State enjoys international protection and the UUN calls upon all countries to strictly comply with the norms of international law that guarantee the immunity for this type of personality and which prohibit aggressions on their person, freedoms or dignity. In addition, the refusal of permission to overfly could place the safety of the passengers found in the plane , including a Head of a sovereign State, in danger.
This action is very serious, considering that no nation in the world has impeded an presidential airplane from flying over their territory since 1945.

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