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UUN condemns USA aggression against Syria

  • 02 Sep 13
syria warThe Secretary General of the Unrepresented United Nations (UUN), Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb, vigorously condemns any military action by the United States against Syria, with the pretext that Bashar al Hasad employed chemical weapons against the population of his country.
International sources revealed that the chemical weapons were sent by Saudi Arabia to the rebels and, according to Caporaso Gottlieb, “this is going to be anther Iraq, where the chemical weapons used as an excuse for an American invasion were never found.”
This morning, August 31, the Russian government declared that Washington’s threat to use force against Syria is “unacceptable”, after President Barack Obama said that he is considering a “limited action” against the Syrian nation. Meanwhile, it is known that neither Germany nor the United Kingdom will take part in a military action and, in France, 64% of the polled were opposed to the said intervention after President Francois Hollande ensured that “France is one of the few countries with the capacity to execute an action in Syria.”
The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, also criticised Washington’s position, which says that they have proof, but it’s secret and can’t be shown to anyone. “This is simply disrespectful to their allies as well the rest of the actors on the international political scene. If there is proof, it must be presented. If it isn’t presented, it’s because there is no proof,” he assured.
The UUN, through its Secretary General Giovanni Caporaso, reiterates its condemnation of employing force against Syria in what seems, under all views, to be another Iraq.

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