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Separatism, a Guide for Understanding it

  • 01 Oct 13
separatismDefended by many, criticised by others and forgotten by the great mass media, the separatist movements attempt to survive in the XXI century, in the spheres of a society that is more and more stratified and unequal. Despite all these problems, these movements exist and are strong in several of the planet’s regions, as a very complete dossier, entitled “Separatism” and prepared by the Unrecognised United Nations (UUN), assures us; it is available on the site of Expats Ebooks editor (http://www.expatsebooks.com).
The dossier is structured into six moments. The first of them is the most conceptual. “Separatism” shows several concepts on what is meant by this term and then analyses the legal arguments that protect the movements. Further ahead, the dossier enters into several cases of separatism in Asia, Africa, Oceania and Latin America. By reading the text it is possible to understand that these movements, although far away geographically, have common worries, although the solutions for their respective demands will always be different.
In the third chapter, the “Separatism” dossier, an investigation by the UUN, presents the most notorious cases of separatist movements in Europe, with emphasis on the situation in the Basque Country. After, the dossier identifies the main causes that drive peoples to join separatism. When their demands aren’t dealt with, they arrive at separatist rebellions, the title of the dossier’s fifth epigraph. In conclusion, “Separatism” explains the multiple manipulations to which the movements are subjected, with the objective of damaging their credibility before the international community.
A void of trustworthy information regarding this trend – which has not disappeared during the XXI century and continues to have many followers in all parts of the world – is filled by the dossier “Separatism”.

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