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Transnistria, another Center of Tension in the Ukraine

  • 09 Apr 14
2014 3 19 ojYvvCZQPaJuplxkPnubJ3When a resurgence of opposing blocks with immovable positions seemed impossible, or rather, a new edition of the “Cold War”, recent events in the Ukraine and its later annexation to Russia demonstrate the contrary.
At the beginning of last week, the Moldova Republic of Pridnestrovie (the Moldova region of Transnistria) became another center of tension in the Ukraine, a nation that since last February has faced vandalistic actions committed by groups on the extreme right and neo-Nazis that led to the expulsion of the constitutional president Viktor Yanukovich.
In 1992, the Moldova Republic of Pridnestrovie proclaimed itself a State, even though it hasn’t been recognised as such. Without a doubt, the Russian Vice Prime Minister, Dmitri Rogozin, when informed that the president of the Moldova Republic of Pridnestrovie “was in Moscow last week” and moved that the Russian Government discuss the situation of this territory that is officially part of Moldavia, before what he called “an isolation policy deployed against this region by the current Ukrainian government.” Rogozin said that “the border between the Ukraine ad Transnistria has been closed for Russian between the ages of 18 and 65,” and in his opinion this isolation, where 200,000 Russian citizens and 70,000 Ukrainians live, “is unacceptable”.
Meanwhile, Oleg Belyakov, co-president of the governing body of the peace operation in Transnistria since 1992, the year of the ceasefire between Moldavia and the rebel region, assures us that “the threat of a military conflict in Transnistria no longer exists. These days there is no reason to think that circumstances exist that will lead to a military conflict and has stressed that there are no preparations for carrying out a military action,” Belyakov has emphasized.
The Organisation of the Unrecognised United Nations (UUN) invites all parts involved in this center of tension to maintain the serenity and to avoid at all costs even the smallest outbreak of hostility, and fundamentally reminds the United States and the NATO that this Republic has the right to choose its own destiny, without foreign interference of any kind.

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