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The Palestinian State is even more official

  • 24 Apr 14
palestina-2As its president, Mahmud Abas, requested this past April 2, the State of Palestine will be officially integrated, beginning May 2, into international conventions and treaties, after which the secretary general of the United Nations Organisation (UN), Ban Ki-moon, will accept Palestine’s request to study their demands “in good and due form”, which was passed on to the 193 member States of the UN.
Meanwhile, the Palestinian State’s leadership unanimously approved the decision to join 15 agencies of the UN and international treaties as a reaction to the breach of the agreements achieved during the nine months of peace talks with the Israelis.
Previously, the Palestinian ambassador to the UN, Riad Mansur, considered that Palestine will officially become a member State of 13 conventions on May 2; at that time he also reiterated Palestine’s strong desire to be asked to join more international conventions and treaties.
The Palestinian State has determined that it will not follow through with its plans of joining these conventions unless the Israeli regime liberates 104 Palestinian prisoners during four phases. However, he raised the request after Israel’s refusal to liberate the fourth group of 26 Palestinian captives. In the same way, Palestine has warned that it will take Israel before the international court due to its insistence to continue building illegal settlements in the territories occupied by Palestine, even though the international community has repeatedly condemned Israeli measures.

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