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Google removes Palestine from its maps

  • 20 Aug 16
google.palestinaIn a decision that has been repudiated by the international community, Google has removed the name of Palestine from its much used map apps and has substituted it with Israel.
The Secretary of the Unrepresented United Nations (UUN), Dr. Giovanni Caporaso Gottlieb, was one of the first to declare his rejection of Google’s condemnable action. “Once again the Great Powers and their economic wealth intend to distort history and geography by favoring Zionist interests,” Dr. Caporaso asserted.
Other voices, in different parts of the world have also had criticism similar to those made by the UUN. According to the Palestinian Journalist’s Union, “Israel’s regime is trying to establish its name as a legitimate state for future generations, and with this to destroy Palestine’s name forever.”
The Palestinian journalists have demanded that the American business, headquartered in Mountain View, revoke the changes made in its maps app, arguing that the measure is “contrary to all international rules and conventions.”
According to the directives of this Union, several Palestinian navigators noticed two months ago that their country had been removed from Google Maps and that it doesn’t appear as an option when making a search on Google.
The State of Palestine is recognised by the Unrepresented United Nations, by other international organisations, States and parliaments around the world.
Israel occupied the west Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem during the war of 1967. The Palestinians consider these as their territory and demand that Jerusalem be the undivided capital of their State. Nonetheless, Israel, supported above all by the United States, continues to occupy these territories and, through the construction of Jewish settlements in these areas, expects to maintain complete control over them.

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