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  • What is a Micronation?

    A Micronation is an entity that aspires to become a nation or an independent state which is lacking recognition from the world’s governments or by international organizations; these differ from self-determination movements or small states with limited recognition or independent de Facto states which have some type of recognition.
    These nations exist on Internet or in small physical spaces. The Micronations are formed by small groups of people or even by a single small family. Unlike imaginary countries and other social groups (like eco-villages, clans or sects), these express the fervent desire for recognition of the sovereignty of their physical territory.
    Here is an example of Micronation: the Kingdom of New Eden. The Kingdom of New Eden is a cybernation created Wednesday, January 9, 2008 and officially inaugurated two days later. The Kingdom of New Eden is presently developed as a Forum that is qualified to be realistic and to allow modification by its citizens. The government of the Kingdom of New Eden is a Parliamentary Monarchy; the King is Roderick I who is temporarily also the president f the government.
    At present, this Micronation is undertaking a campaign to attract colonists, in order to strengthen the Digital State, fill the governmental quarries and conquer the immense virtual territories. The Kingdom of New Eden has serious aspirations of becoming a developed cybernation, where liberty and equality are guaranteed. This Micronation has aspirations for neither a physical territory, nor a economy, and so there are no thoughts of requesting money demanding that the citizens pay taxes; it only needs their participation in governmental affairs, according to how much available time they have, and that they respect the laws.

    Created on 18/05/2013 in FAQ

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