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  • What is an Unrecognised Nation?

    An unrecognised or unrepresented Nation is that territory whose sovereignty isn’t internationally recognised in spite of being administered either partially or fully by an organisation, usually autonomous in some aspects.
    Although the concept of an unrecognised Nation dates back to the XIX century, it wasn’t until the sixties of the last century that it began to gain strength, to the extreme that these days there are two theories in circulation on recognising a Nation’s sovereignty: the declarative and the foundational. For example, at present the United Nations Organisation (UN) only recognises 193 nations, even though today there many others that are unrecognised by the majority of the world’s States.
    The first 14 years of the third millennium of our era have gone by, and the concept of unrecognised or unrepresented Nations must give way to a new pledge: the foundation of an organisation called the Unrepresented United Nations (UUN), under the fundamental precepts for which human beings must work if they aspire to live in a world of justice, peace and respect.

    Created on 19/05/2013 in FAQ

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